Artists’ Schedule

All Schedules are subject to change. At times Artists will arrange to work with you on their days off also. This schedule is to give our clients a basic idea of when their favorite artist is available.

Pete Tieman

Wednesday             Noon to 6pm

Thursday                Noon to 6pm

Friday                     Noon to 6pm

Saturday                 10am to 4pm 



Roxane Jeffries

Thursday                10am to 4pm

Friday                     10am to 4pm

Saturday                 Noon to 6pm

Sunday                   Noon to 6pm


Tommy Volmert

Monday                6pm to Midnight

Tuesday               6pm to Midnight

Thursday             6pm to Midnight

Friday                  6pm to Midnight 



Alfonso “Fonzie” Rivero

Tuesday              2pm to 10pm

Wednesday        2pm to 10pm

Friday                 2pm to 10pm

Saturday            2pm to 10pm

Sunday         By appointment only


Trent Tucker

Monday              Noon to 6pm

Tuesday              10am to 4pm

Wednesday            6pm to Midnight

Saturday            6pm to Midnight

Sunday               Noon to 6pm


Cameron Watkins

Monday            10am to 4pm

Tuesday            Noon to 6pm

Wednesday     10am to 4pm

Saturday          6pm to Midnight

Sunday              Noon to 6pm 


New Artist TBA

Tuesday                 Noon to 6pm

Wednesday           6pm to Midnight

Friday                     10am to 4pm

Saturday                6pm to Midnight 


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